Thursday, February 6, 2014

My Newest Vintage Sewing Machine. . .The Slant-O-Matic 500

Hi Everyone! . . .How's the weather in your neck of the woods? . . .Here in the 'Sunny South' (hmmm) it's dreary and cold and------well, let's put it this way, I'd planned to change the header and do away with winter but it's way too appropriate for our weather today (the header has now been changed). . . .Our home looks exactly like the header, if you add in a half inch of ice covering everything. . . .We've faired well. . . .only lost power off and on. . . .The longest time off was six hours. . . .I can't say the same about our internet connection, though. . . .It's been more off than on. . . .(sigh)

The four walls were beginning to close in on me yesterday. . . .felt 'cabin fever' all the way down to my toes. . . .The sure-fire medicine to cure me was a day spent in the sewing room. . . .My very soul needed it. . . .an opportunity to try out the newest sewing machine.

I have a love affair with vintage sewing machines. . . .Honest I do. . . .Try as I might, I can't resist a good machine when the price is right. . . .The price was sure right on this one. . . .$20. . . .including the machine, sewing cabinet, attachments, cams, instruction book, and drawers full of pincushions and sewing goodies. . . .

I purchased the Singer Slant-O-Matic at an estate sale last fall. . . .The lady had taken excellent care of it, so John only did a little cleaning and oiling. . . .I didn't know a lot about it, except I remember my Grandmother bought one just like it--new--in the early 1960s. . . .She was so proud of it. . . .I was amazed how the cams moved. . . .loved watching them.

By varying the two controls on the top-center of the machine, a wide variety of stitch patterns could be made. . . .It was considered the best on the market at the time.

I was curious to find more about it. . . .On Ebay, they are selling for as little as $200 and as high as $400. . . .hmmmmm. . . .I looked a little further. . . The Singer 500 Slant-O-Matic is sometimes referred to as the "Rocketeer" due to its space-age styling. . . . After the Singer Featherweight, this machine seems to have a tremendous following. . . .Guess I did good, huh? . . .It's all metal parts and runs with gears. . . .no belts. . . .something vintage collectors look for.

Well, it really doesn't matter to me. . . .I'm glad others appreciate it, but when you get right down to it, the thing that matters is whether I like it. . . .after all, I don't just buy machines. . . .I USE them!


This one sews like a dream. . . .powerful. . . .beautiful stitches. . . .easy to use. . . .Yep, I'll keep it. . . . I stitched away most of the day in log cabin bliss. . . .Working on a quilt I began what? two years ago?

It's a log cabin quilt pattern. . . .I thought it appropriate since I had 'cabin fever'. . . .(grin)

I've played with the log cabin design for years. . . .incorporating it into several Delta inspired quilts. . . .One day I'll have to show you some of the quilt tops I've designed with wool, denim, kakki, and old work shirts. . . .I use no pattern. . . .let blocks and strips fall where they may. . . .Takes the stress out of perfect quilt piecing. . . .One of my favorite ways to relax.

As it ended up, I actually wasn't all that upset that the weather was bad and it was too cold and icy to get out. . . .It gave me an excuse to spend time in the sewing room. . . .with my buddy. . . .

catching up on some much needed 'me time'. . . A 'Keep Out' sign on the door and that Slant-O-Matic hummed all afternoon long. . . .when the electricity was on. . . .(grin)
Later that evening John asked me what I thought about the newest sewing machine? . . . I think sometimes he hopes I'll sell a few of the growing collection. . . .No such luck. . . .My reply?
'Sorry. . . .It's a keeper'. . . .to which I heard. . . .
a long sigh.
Keep Safe! Keep Warm!
Winter will be over soon. . . I hope. . . .

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