Tuesday, November 25, 2014

A Discovery: Bowl Butter for the Wooden Bowl Collection

Bet that got your attention, didn't it?
BOWL BUTTER? . .Yes . . .I've discovered bowl butter. . .and just in time, too. . .
Each year when Thanksgiving approaches, I pull out my bowl collection. . .I truly love wooden bowls--on the watch for them everywhere I go. . .When I started collecting, they were fairly inexpensive. . .Every now and then I do find a prize at thrift stores. . .but mostly the antique malls and shows are where I see the vintage bowls. . .All I do is admire them--way too out of my price range. . .Luckily, I have more than plenty. . .I probably need to sell some but cannot part with even one. . .
It's not officially the holidays without wooden bowls. . .They are so versatile and speak of times past. . .their patina aged over the years. . .something you can't reproduce. . .
Every Fall I go about gathering the collection for cleaning and oiling. . .That's the thing about wood, it tends to dry out in our hot summers and does need some care. . .In the past, I've used food grade mineral oil to protect the wood. . .This year I've tried something different. . .something I initially found on Pinterest. . .(How did we live without Pinterest years ago?)
I call it BOWL BUTTER. . .  Others call it WOOD BUTTER. . .and  some call it SPOON OIL. . . Whatever name you pick, this stuff is fantastic! Only two ingredients--beeswax and food grade mineral oil. . .easy. . .somewhat messy to make but it's worth it. . .I plan to never be without it again. . .I think it would work well on anything wood. . .including furniture. . .One lady uses it on her dry, chapped hands.
Look at the difference it's made with my own collection. . .from these very dry bowls. . .
to these BUTTERED ones. . .
Look how they shine. . .
I could have lightly sanded the original finish on some of them. . .but I didn't. . .I do love the bare spots, stains and dents. . .evidence of much use. . .These were the work horses of every Farmhouse. . .I love to be reminded of that. . .
For step-by-step Instructions to make your own Bowl Butter,
check out the tutorial at  CREATIVE CULINARY
This would make a nice Christmas gift for someone, too.
Speaking of the holidays, I can hardly believe Thanksgiving is this week. . .but there it is on the calendar. . .John will be smoking turkeys and hams at the church. . .The men's group has orders for hundreds of them. . .definitely an over-nighter for John. . .The good news is, I won't have to cook our turkey this year since he'll be bringing one home. . .but I will be cooking and baking all the extras. . .This will be a busy week for all of us, won't it? . .Family, friends, food, road trips, shopping. . .Well, however you celebrate. . .we're sending. . .
Have a simply wonderful week
. . .from our FARMHOUSE to yours. . .

Sunday, November 23, 2014

SUNDAY: Home Happy and Life Lovely

I think Louisa May Alcott had it right. . .We might be kindred spirits. . .
for it's the little things in life that truly make my spirit soar. . .
Plain and Simple. . .LIFE IS GOOD.

Thursday, November 20, 2014

SOS: Can Anyone Help Me?

I'm pulling my hair out with EMAIL ISSUES---and I need all the hair I can keep. (LOL)
For the past SEVERAL months, I have had the problem of returned emails,
especially when I try to REPLY to your Comments.
I reply. . .Many come back to me UNDELIVERED.
Same with some of the comments I make on YOUR BLOGS.
It's frustrating because as we all know, if ya don't SOCIALIZE your followers may think you don't care. . .and the thing is I DO CARE about ALL of you. . .I'm able to read your comments on my blog--and I do read every one of them. . .BUT. . .my replies are often returned.
I have researched and tried all I can find to do online. . .
Might help for a week or so but doesn't stick.
I'm not a tech-y kind of person but I do understand the basics.
It's interesting that many returns are from Yahoo--which is my own email host.
You would think they could get it right.
I've read all of their Trouble Shooting help and tried to contact them.
Nothing has worked so far.
I would appreciate any insights you might have.
In the meantime if you don't hear from me,
please know that my emails to you may be in the DEAD LETTER box
somewhere out in cyber space. (grin--frown)
The 'safest' is to COMMENT BELOW,
since I read your comments on the post itself.
TRY EMAILING ME with any help:
Thanks so much ahead of time!
You're the GREATEST
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